Area 51 layout apparel and gear


Area 51 gear is designed for Open water layout hunters. In todays modern age where layout hunting has become so popular in recent years we now have created a line of Apparel and gear to make your success even greater than ever before. 

Our Camo patterns we chose for our gear are specifically designed to match not only the layout boat your hunting from but also the surrounding water colors and sky colors giving you the ultimate ability to disappear to  incoming diver ducks on open water.


Storm Cloud Grey.  This color is perfect for those cloudy days when we all want to be on the open water. Area 51 Storm Cloud Camo is the Perfect combination of Grey, Black and Green hues. Exactly the colors we long for in matching the true colors of the daytime conditions on a cloudy day.

Layout Boat covers

We are extremely excited to announce the first custom layout boat cover of its kind. The UFO is the first boat to receive this new product and we will be releasing photos very soon of this very valuable option for you UFO layout boat.